All the times that we shared, every place, everywhere. You touched my life. One day we’ll look back, we’ll smile and we’ll laugh, but right now we just cry cause it’s so hard to say goodbye.

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Jonas Brothers: 2005-2013

Thank you for those years, for every moment, for every smile,

for every song, for make me strong, for the love, for the inspiration,

for the memories, for make me happy, thank you for everything.

Dear Jonas Brothers, you were my best six years.♥

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Thank you for changing my life and millions of fans around the world. ( 2005 - ∞ )

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I wish I believed you, but it’s easy to see that it’s over… IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

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'Cause we're gone.

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And if this is the last song I ever play
Then I guess it’s time to say
We thank you all…

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They didn’t stay for us.  






it’s ok i didn’t need my heart anyways


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Jonas Brothers (2005-2013)

↳ “I won’t forget the lyrics. Years from now, when I’m older and wiser and I hear your music play, I’ll sing along to every word and it will be like I never stopped listening.

I won’t forget the concerts. The way Kevin spun around and how Joe would make you think that you could be his by the way he looked at you, shining on stage. And then about halfway through the dancing and the singing and fun, the lights would dim and Nick would step the piano and sing A Little Bit Longer. I won’t forget the hope that his story gave.

I won’t forget the times I bought the albums at midnight. The first time I heard new music and vowed to memorize every single new song within the first 24 hours. 

I won’t forget how I used to dress up in “I love JB!” shirts. I’ll keep them and keep wearing them as long as I can. 

I won’t forget the feeling when a new tour was announced. The excitement, the anxiety of if they were coming for your city and getting tickets. The countdown until the day of the show.

I won’t forgot those who never got to go to a show. Who never got to meet you or see you in person. I’ll remember the way it felt when it happened to me and I’ll share with others so maybe it will be like they lived it too.

I won’t forget your favorite colors. Or food or anything about you that the magazines loved to know. I won’t forget the first poster I had or how I decided who was my favorite. I won’t forget that you’re all my favorite, at the end of the day, and I won’t ever stop supporting you.

I won’t forget Paul Kevin Jonas II. I won’t forget Joseph Adam Jonas. I won’t forget Nicholas Jerry Jonas. 

I won’t forget the Jonas Brothers.”

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